All About The Bunnies

Happy Bunny

Give us Easter Hugs.

Easter, like many other holidays (Columbus Day, Christmas, Festivus, National Sarcasm Day, etc.) has become so commercialized these days.  It’s another one that’s just all about giving kids toys and candy.  Easter Bunnies lay Easter Eggs, which gather into Easter Baskets and some sort of amalgam of sugary creamy egg yolk and chocolate wrapped in foil.  Yeah, you want to pick up a Cadbury Egg and devour it without bothering to open it, but will the cashier think you’re in middle school and card you for the R-rated movie you’re renting?

Well, if you’re tired of all the gooey goodness passing you by, there’s good news. You can enjoy Easter the adult way.  So what if chocolate rabbits are a little too creepy for your demographic?  You can still embrace the bunny in you– the Playboy bunny, that is!  You can put on some Playboy jewelry,  dress up like a French maid and dance on a  Carmen Electra stripper pole, or “dancing pole” if you want to be politically correct (and who doesn’t want that?).

I’m sure your significant other would enjoy Easter much more. You could even get him some Playboy Bunny Barware to use during the show.

So, no worries! Forget the kids and fancy bonnets and too-cute-candy (what are Peeps, anyway? And why are they better stale?)… It’s time to take control of our fates, and make Easter all about the Bunnies!

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