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Green Lantern Headquarters!

Green Lantern Action Figure

Ready to Boogie Green Lantern-style?

Saturday night I found myself at the Hardback Coffee Café in the Hastings store on Georgia St. here in balmy Amarillo, TX sipping a Spanish Mocha with my friend TravelGirl listening to Tyler from Pampa perform a string of songs Jack Johnson style.  Good coffee, good music, good times.  What more could you ask for?

One of the songs that Tyler from Pampa sang had lyrics that included “chillin’ in my Snuggie,” which, once I stopped laughing, reminded me that I was supposed to write a blog about Snuggies and how practical they can be:  from using them on a plane (Real-Housewives-of-Dallas-style in leopard print) to covering Crazy Uncle Ed who passed out in his lawn chair after the family picnic.  Then I realized that we blogged about Snuggies last October.

So I searched our site for something else to blog about.  I didn’t have to look far.  Did you know that Hastings is the Green Lantern Headquarters?  Check out our Green Lantern Headquarters Page. There’s a countdown to its theatrical release on June 17.  While you’re there, scroll to the bottom and check out the movie trailer.  I can’t wait to for it to come out! Read the rest of this entry »

For the Zombie or Christmas Music Lover on Your List

Book of Zombie Christmas Carols

"I saw mommy chewing Santa Claus..."

I’m not really an archive of all knowledge, you know.  I just happen to have a knack for remembering Hastings I.T. trivia, especially when it comes to the applications we run at the stores.  (I will still give a quarter to any store associate who finds the hidden message in the Rental Inventory Batch Add program—thanks to Danger the Developer.  And, yes, Danger is his middle name.  Really.  His mom has a fabulous sense of humor.)  So, just call me Ivey—Not Arc or Ive or The—just Ivey, and we’ll get along fine.

I recently received a Hastings Gift Card as a birthday present.  Bonus!  At this point, let me just say, I love Halloween.  Yes, I know, it’s over for this year, but bear with me a minute.  I also love Christmas.  I love Christmas books and cheesy Christmas romantic comedies on DVD with plots that will never happen in real life, but for some reason, this time of year makes me suspend my disbelief and allow myself to be taken on a journey of odd coincidences and funny mistakes that are a part of the oldest plot in the world:  Boy meets Girl and all heck breaks loose until they both realize they were meant for each other.

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