Herpes For The Holidays!

Welcome to the season when we wish we had no relatives so we could just buy ourselves all kinds of goodies for the holidays. OK, I was kidding…we all love shopping for the special people in our lives! You know, who doesn’t love the long lines at the mall for the latest gadgets, the traffic, the angry sales clerks, the tension headaches, and the cheap stocking stuffers.

This year can be different! Embrace the happy misery, start shopping early and finish even earlier by getting your family some toys that remind you of last Saturday at the club.  Looking for a fun way to communicate your latest contagion to your loved ones? See the rest of the gang after the jump.

Looking for the perfect gift for someone who already has everything? With gifts for just about everyone this is the perfect solution to a boring holiday! If they already have it, they can’t tell you about it, so you’ll never know your gift was a failure. Give the gift that keeps on giving! Especially that special someone, our legendary little man. It’s up to you. So many to choose from, you gotta see them all to believe it!

Happy Holidays from the GIANT Microbes gang!

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