Mustaches, Eternally

Like comets that come into view once in a generation, fashionable facial hair trends come and go…only to reappear again.

Before mustaches were apparently hunted off the face of the earth, they were last seen in on the face of Magnum P.I., (not counting those quickly tiresome mid-90′s milk mustaches.)


After all, Tom Selleck was the only person you could take seriously with a mustache (but like every one else, the P.I. would look ridiculous in a bicycle helmet.)

But now mustaches are in our orbit yet again, amidst some concern.  You see them at your coffee shop.  On super bowl ads.  On your grandmother.  They appear to be everywhere!

But why not?  First, they have a villainous chic found lacking in leather jackets and teardrop tattoos.

And it’s the only kind of facial hair that brings the promise of its own unique ride.

It’s the everyday inclusion of mustaches that make them so fun.  What event isn’t better with mustaches?  Parties? Funerals?  Baby showers?  By all means, grow a mustache.  And if you lack sufficient testosterone to grow one, you’re in luck: we have mustaches for hire.  As we’re moving into winter, this is no time to leave your face naked.

And don’t forget to think about the children!

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