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Snuggies: As Seen on TV and Sometimes Real Life

Dog in a Snuggie

Inside, I'm screaming. And barking. But mostly screaming.

Remember the days when a “snuggie” meant you needed to pull your underwear out of your arse?  I sure wish people would pull their heads out of the dark when it comes to the current “Snuggie” phenomenon.   I mean, is it really fashionable / morally okay to wear a robe backwards?  Are people too lazy to put their arms AROUND or, dare I say it, OVER a blanket to eat popcorn while sitting on the couch? Who are these people who apparently have such a  great deal of difficulty accessing their own limbs when covered? When I walk down the street I can’t help but wonder if each person I pass has the same difficulty, and if perhaps I am merely superhumanly endowed with limb finesse. I don’t understand how this was THE gift of the holiday season last year (although I refuse to comment on whether I gave it to my grandma or an aunt).  The only reason I didn’t re-gift the leopard print one given to me is that it came with a hilarious “Snuggie Sutra” book.  Admittedly I read the book but no one can prove that I ever broke the  fuzzy fun out of the box!

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