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RIP Don Cornelius

Thank you for bringing peace, love, and SOOOUUUULLLL to the world.

The Best of Soul Train

Soul Train Dance Years

The Best of Soul Train Volume One


We also sell headphones!

So, this Christmas my wife and I shopped goHastings to get “the BIG presents” for the kids. Each year it becomes a little more difficult to top the previous year. Thankfully, our site offers some pretty cool ideas if you’re experiencing Shopper’s Block. Here’s what we came up with…

Spectrum Wireless Guitar  
For our Son:
Spectrum Wireless Guitar Pack (includes amp, strings, strap, etc)
Universal Guitar Stand
Clip-On Tuner
Casio Keyboard  
For our Daughter:
Casio Lighted Keyboard
Folding Keyboard Stand
Folding Keyboard Bench

Some have accused us of being crazy.

“It’s going to be so loud in your house! You won’t be able to hear yourselves think!”

C’mon… we’re smarter than that! We also feature a wide selection of Headphones on that will plug right in to their instruments! Who’s crazy now?


Clouds Scare Me

Sandisk 8gb Cruzer USB DriveOh, my little 8gb Flash Drive, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. You’ve helped me get over one of my most annoying nervous habits. Yes, I used to be a pen-clicker, but no more. Now I ‘m a flash-drive flicker. This habit is much quieter and less likely to disturb my co-workers. I can attach you to my key-ring and you fit so easily in to my pocket. I always know you’re there with me, whether I’m at the office or at home. Oh, the budget report? Why yes, I’ve got that right here! Wanna see a picture of my daughter squirting milk through her nose? I’ve got that too! You’ve never heard of the Dead Milkmen? Well, I just happen to have a few of their tracks on me. Yup. It’s all right here on a handy little device that’s no bigger than my thumb! That’s more than I can say for “the cloud”. Clouds are friggin huge, and they’re full of water vapor! That can’t possibly be good for my files! I don’t trust you cloud. You’re here one minute and gone the next. You will never replace my flash drive. NEVER! And that’s all I have to say about that.

(Until the day that I suddenly realize how cool you are.)

Back to School Dreams of Coolness

The blazing mid –August sun means I have a birthday soon and it’s back to school time. My teen dream, before returning to school each fall, was to reinvent my identity with the coolest back to school stuff that totally doesn't embarrass me now... Read the rest of this entry »

Ultimate Fighting Food Champion Bacon Takes On Tofu

Mr. Bacon vs. Monsieur Tofu Action Figures

Only one can remain at the top of the food chain!

UFFC fans lit up the forums today after the announcement of a planned exhibition fight between up-and-coming lightweight master Monsieur Tofu and reigning fryweight champion Mr. Bacon.  This is not the first time that Bacon has been challenged by a Vegejitsiu newcomer, but Bacon’s vast experience and willingness to “go for the crisp” aids him in overcoming the kinder, leafier style of the typical Vegejitsiu fighter. This will be the first time that he has met a Vegejitsiu fighter with stats (and an attitude) to rival his own.

Mr. “Hickory Smoked” Bacon, who is a  veteran of the UFFC, gained prominence in the league early on when he defeated Lady Egg “Mac” Muffin in three consecutive UFFC Breakfast Matches. He quickly became a fan favorite. His skill in the Mixed Culinary Arts was evident as he faced and submitted opponent after opponent, and the most viewed match ever in the UFFC occurred when “Hickory Smoked” met the then-reigning champ Sir Loin Beef in battle. The ground-and-pound which occurred in that match turned Sir Loin into hamburger. What was that? Oh! Never mind. I thought I heard someone groan.   Read the rest of this entry »