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Green Lantern Headquarters!

Green Lantern Action Figure

Ready to Boogie Green Lantern-style?

Saturday night I found myself at the Hardback Coffee Café in the Hastings store on Georgia St. here in balmy Amarillo, TX sipping a Spanish Mocha with my friend TravelGirl listening to Tyler from Pampa perform a string of songs Jack Johnson style.  Good coffee, good music, good times.  What more could you ask for?

One of the songs that Tyler from Pampa sang had lyrics that included “chillin’ in my Snuggie,” which, once I stopped laughing, reminded me that I was supposed to write a blog about Snuggies and how practical they can be:  from using them on a plane (Real-Housewives-of-Dallas-style in leopard print) to covering Crazy Uncle Ed who passed out in his lawn chair after the family picnic.  Then I realized that we blogged about Snuggies last October.

So I searched our site for something else to blog about.  I didn’t have to look far.  Did you know that Hastings is the Green Lantern Headquarters?  Check out our Green Lantern Headquarters Page. There’s a countdown to its theatrical release on June 17.  While you’re there, scroll to the bottom and check out the movie trailer.  I can’t wait to for it to come out! Read the rest of this entry »

Snuggies: As Seen on TV and Sometimes Real Life

Dog in a Snuggie

Inside, I'm screaming. And barking. But mostly screaming.

Remember the days when a “snuggie” meant you needed to pull your underwear out of your arse?  I sure wish people would pull their heads out of the dark when it comes to the current “Snuggie” phenomenon.   I mean, is it really fashionable / morally okay to wear a robe backwards?  Are people too lazy to put their arms AROUND or, dare I say it, OVER a blanket to eat popcorn while sitting on the couch? Who are these people who apparently have such a  great deal of difficulty accessing their own limbs when covered? When I walk down the street I can’t help but wonder if each person I pass has the same difficulty, and if perhaps I am merely superhumanly endowed with limb finesse. I don’t understand how this was THE gift of the holiday season last year (although I refuse to comment on whether I gave it to my grandma or an aunt).  The only reason I didn’t re-gift the leopard print one given to me is that it came with a hilarious “Snuggie Sutra” book.  Admittedly I read the book but no one can prove that I ever broke the  fuzzy fun out of the box!

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